Speaker Resources

UNC CAUSE is built on presentations, so we wanted to make sure you, our speakers, were as prepared as possible to give a high quality presentation.  Here are some resources just for you…

Promoting UNC CAUSE!

UNC CAUSE speaker

UNC CAUSE starts with you, so let people know you are going to be speaking!  Blog, tweet, facebook, email list.  The more you talk about your presentation, the more interest there will be in attending.

We’ve also prepared some speaker badges so you can let people know that you are speaking this year.  Add them to your blog or website.  Here is the code:

<a href="http://www.unccause.org/cause10/sessions"><img src="http://www.unccause.org/cause10/badge.png" alt="UNC CAUSE Speaker" /></a>

Preparing yourself to speak

If this is your first shot at speaking at a conference or if you are an old pro, it’s always good to be reminded about what makes a killer presentation. Here are some helpful tips and tricks from the blogosphere that will help you make sure you deliver a 5 star presentation:

So you have a killer presentation….that’s only half the battle!  You also have to deliver.  Cal Evans has put together a great PodCast with 11 tips for the day you speak.  Everyone should definitely give it a listen.

Powerpoint and Keynote Templates, UNC CAUSE style

Available in PowerPoint and Keynote, the template uses the official colors and includes the logo. Please note that the template does use some fonts that you may not have so we have made them available below.

We encourage you to share your presentations with others! We have a page for the UNC CAUSE event available on the SlideShare website. Please upload your presentation there once it’s completed and tag them as #unccause10 in order to ensure they appear as part of the conference.

PowerPoint Template [ PPT ] [ PPTX ]

Keynote Template [ KEY ]

Presentation fonts [ CHUNK FIVE ] [ MENTONE ]

Speaker Feedback

In years past, UNC CAUSE has used pencil and paper to do speaker evaluations during the conference.  This year, we are hopping on the “going green” bandwagon and using an online service called Joind.in.  Joind.in allows attendees to submit feedback about your talk online, and it also allows you to get immediate and effective feedback about how you did.  There are also Android and iPhone/iPod apps as well.

You will need to head over to joind.in, create an account and claim your talk.  That way you are notified of the feedback as soon as someone submits it.

We are asking each speaker to ask for feedback on joind.in in your presentation.  So on the last slide, where you typically say “Thanks!”, add a link to your joind.in talk so that people know you want their feedback.  We will be encouraging them to leave feedback during and after the conference.