What’s That Building? Using Google Maps API to Create a Campus Map

Google is the leader in Internet search engines. It has also surpassed many of its competitors in mapping and directions services. Unlike some other Web mapping sites, Google has exposed its underlying data through an extensive API. This API lets us create dynamic map displays and applications suitable for desktop and mobile devices alike.

During this session I will describe our experiences in creating a campus Google map. In the spirit of this year’s UNC CAUSE, we will describe how we used the expertise of many campus departments and individuals to improve the map for all users. We will also describe how we were able to make use of Google’s hosted maps to allow for collaborative mapping without requiring any programming experience. Other areas of discussion include: soliciting feedback and corrections for your maps, encouraging participation to avoid stale data, and creating a balanced team to implement your own maps sites.

In addition to the always important user experience issues, we will describe the technologies available from Google and others to rapidly deploy maps to your university Web site.

Tony Miller – East Carolina

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