How to Maximize Network Availability, Manageability, Security & Efficiency with Tripp Lite Console Servers

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Managers throughout UNC system’s network require secure, remote access to IT equipment continuously, at any time of the day or night. Tripp Lite Console Servers provide UNC managers with secure, remote access while maximizing availability, manageability, security and efficiency.

Tripp Lite Console Servers allow one user (or multiple users) to remotely manage multiple devices (servers, storage arrays, routers, switches, UPS systems, KVM switches, etc.) through their serial console ports. By ensuring continuous remote access, Tripp Lite Console Servers save significant costs (payroll costs, travel costs and opportunity costs) involved with accessing devices locally.

To maximize availability, Tripp Lite Console Servers provide managers with multiple “failsafe” access channels that allow them to continuously manage their remote devices, even if the primary access channel is down or becomes less secure. In addition, Tripp Lite Console Servers are the only models on the market that include three embedded power management tools (NUT, PowerMan and PowerAlert) that allow users to monitor power conditions throughout their networks and take proactive steps to reduce downtime.

Tripp Lite Console Servers simplify management, allowing users to control up to 1,000 devices using only one IP address (assigned to the Console Server). With IP, users can remotely control their devices from anywhere in the world via a secure SSH tunnel. In addition, Tripp Lite Console Servers are the only models on the market that include an embedded Linux operating system (with full access to the Linux shell), allowing users to customize operation of the Console Server and connected devices. Other embedded management features include Nagios and IPMI tools.

Availability and manageability must be balanced with security. Tripp Lite Console Servers are the only models on the market that include FREE secure tunneling software. All other major manufacturers require users to pay additional costs for this mission-critical feature.

Tripp Lite Console Servers support users’ efforts to save energy, control power costs and reduce their facilities’ carbon footprint. Consolidating management platforms eliminates redundant workstations and reduces power consumption.

Why choose Tripp Lite Console Servers? UNC network managers simply get more benefits while reducing their costs. In addition, when UNC managers buy Tripp Lite, they deal with the most experienced manufacturer in the industry—with over 85 years of reliable service. Since Tripp Lite offers over 1,000 power protection and connectivity products, customers choose Tripp Lite because they want to standardize on a manufacturer that offers a single source solution.

Jeff Stieman – Tripp Lite Applications Engineer

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