Building the Next Generation Data Center

Vendor presentation by NWN

Organizations are facing a growing and increasingly complex set of challenges in the data center. Traditional measures of operational capability such as system availability and resource utilization are facing increasingly stringent expectations, and new metrics such as energy efficiency have been added to the mix. At the same time, because of IT’s increasingly important role in business, data centers are facing a new set of external demands such as global availability, regulatory compliance, and the expectations of the empowered user.

The Cisco Data Center Business Advantage is an architectural framework for dynamic networked organizations. The framework allows organizations to create services faster, improve profitability, and reduce the risk of implementing new business models. As businesses move to evolve their data center infrastructure to meet increasing business demands, the Cisco Nexus Family provides a means to protect investments in existing infrastructure and incrementally add capabilities and capacity in a cost-effective manner.

Cisco Data Center 3.0 provides a granular, practical framework for transforming the data center to meet the evolving needs of organizations with a data center strategy designed for long-term sustainability. Cisco Data Center 3.0 emphasizes investment protection and the incremental incorporation of new technologies and infrastructure, so investment is more closely aligned with business need. The underlying tenets of Cisco Data Center 3.0, consolidation, virtualization, automation, yield both reduced total cost of ownership (TCO; better asset utilization, reduced power and cooling needs, and improved operational efficiency) and improved responsiveness to the needs of the business.

Please join NWN as we present a “Virtual Whiteboard” discussing how Cisco solutions can address these challenges with proven solutions including:

  • Reducing total cost of ownership
  • Accelerating business growth
  • Extending the life of current infrastructure by making your data center more efficient, agile, and resilient
  • Ensuring more efficient use of data center facilities
  • Gaining operational efficiencies and cost savings through standardization and asset consolidation
  • Increasing asset utilization to increase flexibility and reduce costs

Scott Popolizio – Technology Consultant

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