HP’s Converged IT Infrastructure: A Computing Transformation

Vendor presentation by HP

Convergence—the solution to IT resource sprawl—is one of today’s mega-trends, and it is a good predictor of tomorrow’s business infrastructures. Infrastructure convergence breaks down manual processes and technology silos and brings together all IT resources into adaptive pools of assets that can be shared by many applications and managed as a service. At HP, we call this the HP Converged Infrastructure.

Available today, the HP Converged Infrastructure provides a blueprint for the data center of the future that eliminates costly and rigid IT silos so you can spend much more of your IT budget on business innovation. This is achieved by converging server, storage and networks with facilities – all managed through a common management platform. The result is an infrastructure that delivers a new level of simplicity, integration, and automation that can transform computing for all UNC campuses!

HP Mini Netbook door prize from Alphanumeric Systems, must be present to win.

Kent Klitzke, HP Enterprise Architect

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