Video…What’s Possible In Transforming the University

Vendor Presentation by Cisco

Video Changes Everything! It is becoming nearly-ubiquitous as it changes the Internet, streamlines processes within the university, increases collaboration among faculty/students/staff/researchers, extends communication, and enhances learning.  As data, voice, and IP video converge, video is emerging as a driving force in the business transformation of the university.

Cisco’s Business Video solutions are at the forefront of this revolution in the way we work, play, live and learn.

Cisco provides solutions to foster collaboration across the department, school, university, state, country and globe using a wide range of business video tools, including Cisco TelePresence, Cisco WebEx, Cisco Digital Signs, video conferencing, video on demand, Cisco Show and Share, and Cisco Video Surveillance.  Interoperability increases the business value of the tools. For example, students or faculty can view live video of executives captured in one Cisco TelePresence room in other Cisco TelePresence rooms, digital signs in common areas, video portals, over IPTV, and even on their smartphones. This presentation will show how your university can take advantage of business video for enhanced collaboration, learning, operational efficiency and a competitive advantage.

See how universities are adapting their networks in order to support this transformation of their organizations for their users to communicate, collaborate, educate, and protect people and assets.

Ted Mead – Professional Sales Specialist for Collaboration Solutions
Dr. Lance Ford – Cisco Education Specialist

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