Make Technology Work For You: Empower Users To Do More While Saving Big

Vendor presentation from Alphanumeric

Every organization feels the pain of slow, inefficient processes.  Higher education is no exception.  Manual business processes are prone to redundancy, human error, and unexpected slow-downs. But by automating these processes, you’ll see significant improvements in efficiency, and with that, greater productivity and cost-savings as your day-to-day operations move forward with less friction. We’ll show you the benefits of process automation, i.e., for publishing – where we’ve seen clients save up to $100,000 while expediting the process from six months to two weeks – and for on-boarding new faculty, staff, and students – where similar processes have seen efficiency improvements of more than five weeks, and cost savings of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We’ll also show you how and why combining user-empowering, cloud-based Learning Services to your automation solution can drive additional benefits. Enabling end-users to access multimedia training materials on topics including IT training, regulatory content, policies and procedures, and more, you’ll see faster and more reliable end-user service, with fewer calls for support. And, with a fully-automated platform, you’ll be able to monitor, manage, and measure the success of these efforts.

Streamline your operations. Reduce business risk. And save money.

Steve Chase, Alphanumeric’s Vice President of Emerging Markets

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