Utilizing Student Expertise to Provide IT Support

The Division of Information Technology, DoIT, at UNC Pembroke, initiatied the BraveTech Program to employ students to serve the needs of computer users on campus. Over the last nine years we have continued to perfect the student assistant program. The BraveTech program has morphed over the years in all areas, especially training. When the program first began in 2001, the training process was a “learn by doing approach,” then a training “boot camp” process was established for the student assistants to complete. Currently, BraveTechs begin the program as observers by shadowing the current and most experienced BraveTechs to build upon their knowledge-base and skills. BraveTechs diagnose and repair computer systems in offices and student labs, install and troubleshoot software and assist with special IT projects. All UNCP students are eligible to apply, regardless of major. Ironically, most of the BraveTechs are neither Computer Science nor Information Technology majors, but applicants must have some experience troubleshooting PC and Mac hardware or software. Presently, there are ten BraveTechs employed, with four scheduled to graduate this academic year. Many graduate with the potential of “walking” into a position with DoIT. Learn how the BraveTech manager selects the best talent from a 30-minute interview and produces highly-respected individuals with superior technology skills.

Cassie Manis – UNC-Pembroke
Liz Cummings – UNC-Pembroke

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