Ten Strategies in Navigating Your Success

If you are a second line manager and have a burning desire to serve higher education as a future CIO, this presentation is for you! We will discuss 10 strategies that will assist you in navigating your career successfully. Have you ever wondered why some people are able to get more done, even in a challenging climate? Learn strategies that will provide pragmatic strategies to assist managers in making the transition to becoming a leader within the organization. How one engages the cultural dynamics of an organization is usually a trial and error process. These strategies are culture neutral and empower you, the individual, to become the critical ingredient in your success. This session will provide you insight into how you can take charge, control the direction of your career, and minimize the impact of your “failures.” This will be an engaging and interactive session designed to empower you!

Debra Saunders-White – UNC-Wilmington

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