Student Organization Web Application

Managing information for over 200 student organizations on UNCW’s campus has presented many challenges over the years. Although there are many private companies now available that have developed systems for managing this type of information, they all come with a hefty price tag that just may not be feasible in today’s economic climate. With this challenge in mind, UNCW’s Campus Activities & Involvement Center (CAIC) sought the expertise of their Information Technology Systems Division (ITSD) to build an in-house system to meet the university’s needs. This in-house system is a .Net application with a SQL server back-end to gather the data. The application was launched in fall of 2009 and underwent several enhancements for Version 2 which are now being utilized in its second year of production.

Kris Anderson – UNC-Wilmington
Larissa Lacour UNC-Wilmington

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