Social Media Goes to College: Building Your Campus Community

Social media tools are becoming ever more popular, powerful and prevalent, and no one loves them more than our students. Those of us in IT have the opportunity to use these tools to communicate with students and help to improve the campus community. But when is social media too much social and not enough useful? What are the goals of using social media in the campus business model and how do we make sure we’re achieving those goals?

Join us while we consider what constitutes a “social medium” and consider the channels IT organizations should be using. We’ll be taking a look at all the trendy tools of technology: Twitter, Facebook, blogs and wikis, location-based applications and more. We’ll chat about the day-to-day use of these tools: how to unleash the power of hash tags, provide consistent value in 140 characters, and aggregate all of your “official” university feeds on Twitter. We’ll also be discussing the importance of personal vs. professional identities, the implications of Facebook’s privacy settings and how to educate students (and faculty and staff!) on using discretion.

John Martin – NC State
Jen Riehle – NC State

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