IT Assessment Tools and Strategies

UNCW’s Information Technology Systems Division (ITSD) has a culture of planning and assessment. Each year we establish a new set of goals, measure their success, and make decisions based on these outcomes. These goals are established at the unit, department and division level. Each area aligns their goals with either the university’s performance measures or the strategic plan.

This culture of assessment is beneficial in preparation for the upcoming SACS reaccreditation and ITSD’s pursuit of a comprehensive IT Strategic Plan. The collision of these two major opportunities piqued the interest in the quality of the existing assessment strategies. Was there a tool other than an institutionally created survey that could provide the important customer feedback? The discovery of a comprehensive IT focused research survey provided UNCW’s ITSD to data that measures performance of core IT functions. The TechQual+ Project is a nation-wide effort to allow colleges and universities to perform this self-assessment, and if interested to also do peer comparisons.

This presentation will review UNCW’s ITSD use of goals, objectives, assessment, outcomes review and decisions based on each. There will be a review of the TechQual+ survey tool and some examples of outcomes from the implementation of the survey.

Leah Kraus – UNC-Wilmington

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