IPTV Panel

For this panel discussion, both NC State University and UNC-Wilmington will share their collective experience and approach to researching and implementing IPTV solutions for their respective campuses.

NC State University has been engaged in bringing IPTV to their campus for the past 3 years. We have previously shared our experiences with the research, network environment and system evaluation at UNC-CAUSE. We will now share our experiences in fielding a 26-Channel Pilot to the campus and the tools and processes we developed in building an Enterprise IPTV System.

UNC-Wilmington will offer a hardware, software and network overview as well as methods that were used for researching the technologies that are needed to implement IPTV.  The attendees will learn how to set-up a basic IPTV environment using  open standards, how to evaluate IPTV systems for the campus environment, and the approach to bringing the awareness of this emerging technology to the various campus entities.

Bruce Myers – UNC-Wilmington
Bill Cole – NC State

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