Implementing eProcurement and eInvoice – A Case Study

This presentation provides an overview of the implementation of eProcurement and eInvoicing at UNC Charlotte. The main thrust of the presentation is non-technical, although some technical topics are discussed at a high level. Emphasis is put on project management, vendor interaction, impact upon the purchasing process, testing, and on-going support.


  • Project Team make-up
  • Working with SciQuest and SunGard
  • Architecture of the integration component
  • System and user acceptance testing
  • Data syncing and integration
  • Re-engineering purchasing processes
  • Using hosted and punch-out vendors
  • Authenticating users and custom integration
  • Keeping in step with Banner upgrades
  • Roll-out approach

This presentation would be useful to those universities that are either currently in an implementation process or plan to implement eProcurement and eInvoicing in the coming fiscal year.

Bill Pace – UNC-Charlotte

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