How We Drupal, How Do You Drupal?

Mark Shropshire (UNCC), Stephen Taylor (ASU), and Nick Young (NCSU) will lead a discussion about how UNC Charlotte, Appalachian State, and NC State are implementing Drupal at their institutions.

Stephen will talk about how his group became a 1-stop-shop for campus Drupal support at ASU. Recognizing its importance to their success, they created a robust support structure, and now build turnkey Drupal Web sites for departments at no charge. In just 18 months they are closing in on 150 sites rebuilt and deployed.

Nick will provide information about running Drupal for the Central OIT Web site, as well as developing Drupal sites for varying groups across the NC State campus.

Mark will talk about his use of Drupal and Drupal distributions in his department, Student Union, Activities and Recreation. He will also touch on the recent departmental Drupal theme development and the selection of Drupal to drive the new UNC Charlotte home page.

Mark, Stephen and Nick will kick off the discussion, but the focus will be on discussion, collaboration, and hearing how different institutions, departments and even individual designers or developers are working with Drupal.

Mark ShropshireUNC-Charlotte
Stephen Taylor – Appalachian State
Nick Young – NC State

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