Going the Distance Without Leaving Your Desk

Not only are distance and online education programs growing, our on-campus students and faculty are expecting more online support and resources. UNCG has a campus license for Elluminate Live! – a synchronous webcasting tool with text and voice chat, display of presentations, Web sites, and application-sharing, whiteboard activities, polling, video, and breakout rooms. The library now has its own virtual room in Elluminate to offer workshops, classes, meetings and support for students, faculty and librarians. With the Distance Education librarian leading the way, the library instructional tech team jumped on board in 2009 to play with Ellluminate, then began training other librarians and offering some focused workshops with the UNCG Library & Information Studies Department and Alumni. The positive feedback and growing support across campus has led to the library offering a range of workshops, sessions, and meetings in 2010. A collaborative effort from a few interested players in the library has now opened a new world of support to online, distance, and on-campus users.

Beth Filar Williams – UNC-Greensboro
Jenny Dale – UNC-Greensboro

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