Everything Old is New Again

In a world where everyone seems constantly connected through technology, what is the best way to communicate with new students AND get your message across? After obtaining feedback from current students and student groups, UNCW’s Information Technology Systems Division (ITSD) developed a comprehensive communications plan for incoming students which integrated various methods of communicating, from high tech to low tech options. This layered approach – including printed mailings, thematic e-mails, a flash drive distributed at orientation and more – gave students (and their parents) numerous ways of receiving and processing key technology information over a span of a couple of months before students arrived on campus.

The result: Students arrived at UNCW more aware of the technology available to them and their responsibilities concerning safe computing. They also were better informed regarding who to contact for technology assistance when needed. Technology issues that ITSD encountered in the past were minimized.

This presentation will cover specifics on how we came up with our comprehensive plan, our approach to distributing the information and our various communications methods. We will also discuss why sometimes going “high tech” isn’t always the answer.

Tami Violette – UNC-Wilmington
Tara Thompson – UNC-Wilmington

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