Delivering Digital Classroom Content: The Hybrid Theory of Classroom Capture

Classroom capture has been a hot topic in higher education for years. Interest and activity in this realm of information technology has only increased as the technologies available have matured and evolved.  In this session we will be discussing  our experiences in implementing and running a specific selection of classroom capture systems.   The backgrounds of the panelists in this session represent the different approaches that various groups at WCU and NC State have taken to classroom capture.  Capture systems have grown out of a small group, a small college, a large college, and a campus-wide support group. Though there will be some technical overview of Mediasite, Podcast Producer with iTunes U, Camtasia Relay, and Podcast Producer with Apple Team Services Wiki, the focus of this session is intended to be a retrospective on what has worked, what has not worked, lessons learned, collaboration and future challenges.  We look forward to attendees’ discussion, questions, and comments.

Everette Allen – NC State
Charlie Morris – NC State
Michael Underwood – NC State
Richard Norris – NC State
Neal Torda – Western Carolina

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