Content Strategy for the Web, or Read My Lips(um)

Web development is off to a bad start if the first draft of the Web site comes back full of “lorem ipsum” text blocks. If visual design precedes content strategy, then your site-building will likely be fraught with pain. It’s no coincidence that “lorem ipsum” or “lipsum” translates into “pain itself” because that’s what many developers experience when those content blocks never get filled and the site layout collapses back in on itself. Interest in content strategy has come late to the content management dance. Content management systems, rather than strategy, have dominated the Web scene, possibly arresting as much Web development as they have aided. This presentation covers topics and examples of content audit and assessment, making content work for you in SEO, and ensuring that content maintenance is continued after handoff. Strategic management of content ensures that the interface agrees with its content, with less pain and more gain at site launch.

Ellen McDaniel – NC State
Mike Vysocka – NC State

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