Evaluate Us!

So we’re almost done with the conference – we hope you’re enjoying yourself!

This years conference has been a busy one. We’ve had Un-conference sessions, digital signs, Twitterslurp, Flickr feeds, neck books, the charging station, QR codes and lots of other new hotness. Now we want to know what you thought of it all! Was it useful? Fun? Annoying? Confusing? Please complete our quick online evaluation and let us know if you want to see it next year or would rather have it go away.

Our evaluation form is short and sweet and we really want to hear from you so we’re going to bribe you. Complete the survey by lunchtime on Wednesday, November 10th and you’ll be eligible to win a brand new 8GB iPod Nano!


2 Responses to “Evaluate Us!”

  1. pete evans says:

    well organized and topical

    food fine

    vendors relevant

  2. Dan Deter says:

    My first one so I don’t have a comparison point, but I thought it was an excellent, informative, and enjoyable conference.