The Unconference – Turning the conference on its head

The concept of the Unconference is one that emerged a few years back and one that you might not be familiar with.  If you’re not sure what an Unconference is or why you should care, you’re in luck because that’s what this post is all about.

If you’ve ever been to a conference and said to yourself, “Self, I’m really enjoying this conference, but I wish there were some talks that were way more specific and targeted toward what I really want to know!  Heck, I’d even be willing to talk about it myself!”  then the Unconference is for you.

In buzzword terms, you can think of the Unconference as a set of ad hoc sub-conference discussions.  Basically what will happen is we will have 10 or 12 unconference slots available for sign-up at the very beginning of the conference.  What this means for you and for the conference is two-fold.  One, you can be sure to find a wide variety of small talks that are hopefully relevant to your interests.  And two, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up to speak about some topic about which you care deeply.  If you weren’t selected to speak at the main conference, then the Uncon is your chance at conference speaking glory!

So if you want an alternative conference experience or you’ve got something you’d really like to talk about, come and find us at the Unconference.  We’ll be the ones without a pre-planned schedule.

One Response to “The Unconference – Turning the conference on its head”

  1. mlong says:

    Really cool you all are going w. this concept. I love the openness and freedom of the idea.