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Vendor Information

See the following link for detailed information on the participating vendors – http://www.ncarts.edu/forms/vendordetails.pdf

Setup & Breakdown Door Prozes
Shipping & Recieving Web Site
Booth Profile Conference Connectivity

General Vendor Questions – Contact weathl@ncarts.edu or eddyc@ncarts.edu

You are encouraged to setup on Monday (4th October) morning beginning at 8 am and have setup complete before noon. Breakdown will be Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. Please have your exhibit removed by noon Wednesday. Security will be provided during the conference (Monday through Wednesday morning). Vendor booths are a 6'x8' space with a 6' table, power and 1 network connection.

Shipping and Receiving:
All materials shipped in for the conference may arrive on Friday October 1st. Hotel storage is limited. All shipped materials must state conference/group name and date of event and contact name on bill of lading. If you need to ship anything to the Broyhill Inn and Conference Center, you may ship it to the following address:

Broyhill Inn and Conference Center
775 Bodenheimer Drive
Boone, NC 28607
ATTN: Shipping & Receiving: UNC CAUSE Conference (October 4-6)

Booth Profile
All booths will be provided with a 6' table, skirt, drape, electrical and networking connectivity.

The vendor room will be open for conference attendees:

  • Monday, 4th October: 12:00pm - 5:30pm
  • Tuesday, 5th October: 8:15am - 5:00pm

Door Prizes
As an attendance incentive, we encourage you to bring door prizes or giveaways. Many door prizes are awarded at the Wednesday morning breakfast. Please give Lisa Weatherman (weathl@ncarts.edu) or Eddy Cavenaugh (eddyc@ncarts.edu) details concerning your door prize ahead of time if possible or at conference check-in.

Web Site
Consult our conference website at http://www.unccause.org. The page is changing regularly and will always have the latest conference information including the program and daily schedules. Please note that there will be a vendor page that will identify attending vendors, give a brief vendor overview, and point to the vendor’s main web page.

Conference Connectivity
This note is primarily for presenters and vendors who may need a static IP to access resources back at their home base. For general access, this is not necessary. Since it takes almost two hours for the DHCP process to complete, you need to contact Tom Culver (Tom.Culver@appstate.edu) with your request prior to the conference. If you have questions, feel free to send them to Tom at the above email address.

** Network Information included in the conference program **
All network users are requested to have the latest OS patches and virus protection software installed on their computers. Failure to do so may compromise your or other network devices and their network access.

The wireless network id (ssid) will be "unccause" (lowercase). There will be NO encryption/WEP key and will be 802.11b only. Wireless will be generally available in all presentation rooms, break, email, vendor and lobby areas. Since the wireless network will not be encrypted to the access points, it is the responsibility of each wireless user to protect sensitive information such as passwords and email.

Wired connections will be 10/100 auto-configured RJ-45 ports and one port will be available in each presentation room and per vendor. The email room will have spare general access wired ports available for those who do not have wireless access or need more secure access.

Wired and wireless automatic IP# assignment will be University Guest NAT addresses via DHCP servers. You do not need to request anything to get this NATed address via DHCP. You will be able to initiate access to the Internet/NCREN via these automatic addresses.

If presenters or vendors require a "static" ip# for wired access they must request it through Tom Culver (tom.culver@appstate.edu) or the information desk at least two hours (preferably 24+ hours) prior to requiring it and must provide their network interface MAC address and whether they want the device "Internet facing" or not. Internet facing devices can be accessed without solicitation from the Internet and will have less firewall protection. Non Internet facing devices can access the Internet, but must initiate the access. The static ip address will be provided via DHCP servers. This service is only available on the wired network and will NOT be available on the wireless network.

We'll make at least 24 data ports available in the email room for email devices and general access.

General Vendor Questions:
Contact weathl@ncarts.edu or eddyc@ncarts.edu


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