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Presentation Title University/OrganizationPresentation Type Day&Time
Managing MacOS X Systems in a Multi-Platform Environment NC State UnivBOF Tuesday PM
High Performance Computing UNC-Office of the PresidentBOF Tuesday AM
Linked Applications for Research Administration NC State UnivPresentation Wednesday
Establishing Effective IT Recovery Strategies NC State UnivPresentation Tuesday AM
Educause Core Data Service UNC-PembrokePresentation Tuesday PM
Accessible Multimedia NC State UnivPanel Discussion Tuesday PM
ASAP - Automated Security Access Process NC State UnivPresentation Tuesday PM
Help Desk NC State UnivBOF Tuesday PM
Virtual Computing Labs and High Performance ComputingNC State UnivPresentation Wednesday
Impacting Enrollment Outcomes Using Actionable Intelligence UNC-GreensboroPresentation Tuesday PM
UNCP's VoIP Project UNC-PembrokePresentation Tuesday AM
Towards Understanding the Value-Added by IT in Academic AffairsUNC-CharlottePresentation Tuesday PM
Stereo visualization on a budget - the Geowall concept UNC-AshevillePresentation Tuesday AM
LDAP authentication in a mixed platform environment UNC-AshevilleBOF Monday
ABC's of H.323 Videoconferencing and Teacher Education East Carolina UnivPresentation Wednesday
Bridging the Gap of Communication East Carolina UnivPanel Discussion Tuesday AM
Active Directory Account Creation and Maintenance Made Easy with ColdFusion Fayetteville State UnivPresentation Tuesday PM
Collaborative INK - Open Source IT Communications UNC-CharlottePanel Discussion Tuesday PM
ECU's Enterprise Portal - Today and Beyond East Carolina UnivPresentation Tuesday PM
Support Models for Providing IT Services East Carolina UnivPresentation Tuesday AM
Desktop Management Seminar Fayetteville State UnivPanel Discussion Wednesday
Project Management BOF/SIG UNC-Chapel HillBOF Tuesday AM
Leveraging Open Source Technologies in Higher Education UNC-CharlottePresentation Tuesday AM
It's Eleven O'Clock: Do You Know Where Your Identity Is? UNC-Chapel HillPresentation Wednesday
Strategic planning for enterprise e-learning NC State UnivPresentation Tuesday PM
Enabling Interdisciplinary Collaboration UNC-Chapel HillPresentation Tuesday PM
IS Audit Update OtherPresentation Tuesday PM
Discussion of implementation of Career-banding at 3 Universities OtherPanel Discussion Wednesday
Classroom Technology Forum NC State UnivBOF Tuesday PM
Implementing a student computer requirement East Carolina UnivPresentation Tuesday PM
Flyspace: Student Focused, Low Cost Collaborative Workspaces NC State UnivPresentation Wednesday
Using the Blackboard Content System to Facilitate Inter-Institutional Collaboration UNC-GreensboroPresentation Wednesday
Reporting Services Western Carolina UnivPresentation Tuesday AM
Experiences with Web Content Management NC State UnivPresentation Tuesday AM
@UNCW: An Online Perpetual Publication for Campus News, Events and Notices UNC-WilmingtonPresentation Tuesday PM
DBA Birds-of-a-Feather UNC-AshevilleBOF Tuesday PM
Campus Pipeline to LuminisUNC-AshevilleBOF Tuesday AM
UNC and Music Distribution UNC-Office of the PresidentPresentation Tuesday AM
Linux Desktop UNC-CharlotteBOF Tuesday PM
Network Address Management and University Network Security UNC-GreensboroPresentation Tuesday PM
Coordinated Technology Management Update UNC-Office of the PresidentPresentation Tuesday AM
HIPAA Security - Getting Ready for April 2005 UNC-Chapel HillPanel Discussion Wednesday
What Patrons Want: Great Remote Access UNC-CharlottePresentation Tuesday PM
Implementing Reliable Campus Firewall Services NC State UnivPresentation Tuesday AM
Directing the Herd: Automating Management and Scheduling of Part-Time Staff NC State UnivPresentation Wednesday
The Intelligent Classroom DellPresentation Monday
Sun's EduSoft Portfolio: No cost software licensing for UNC Sun MicrosystemsPresentation Monday
Why Sun MicroSYSTEMSs is the UNC SYSTEM partner Sun MicrosystemsPresentation Monday
Archiving: Designing from Top to Bottom Dimension DataPresentation Monday
Defending the Campus Network - Cisco's Self Defending Network Initiative (SNDI) CiscoPresentation Monday
Secure Login: Password Management, Single Sign-On, Advanced Authentication and Password Reset Tools Alphanumeric Presentation Monday
Unified Digital Campus and Enterprise Architecture SCTPresentation Monday
Blackboard Academic Solutions BlackboardPresentation Monday
Distributed Processing with the NCSU WolfGrid Project ApplePresentation Monday
IBM Enhanced Campus Communications IBMPresentation Monday
Secure Networks EnterasysPresentation Monday
Best Practices - High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions VeritasPresentation Monday
Scan, Block, Quarantine and Repair Perfigo Presentation Monday

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